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    1. Mi opina de nuestras sesiones de Espanol es las clases son excelentes! Yo aprendo mucho vocabulario. Nancy, la profesora, me ayuda mucho con conversaciones informales en Espanol. Ella es muy responsable y sabe mucho informacion. Ella una profesora excelente. Me ha gustado mucho!

    1. It has been wonderful to share personal experiences with other people while polishing my English. In this Pandemic times is great to have others to talk to ¡Thanks for encouraging us!

    2. I love it so much. I´m improving my English.
      Nancy is an amazing teacher, she is always for us and helping us to do our best. The classes are really fun and interesting, she gave a us a important information to talk always interesting.

    3. I´ve taking classes with teacher Nancy during this pandemic time, she is awesome she gives her time in order to teach the english language and it help me to improve my knowledge

    4. It have been a great experience.
      Teacher Nancy is too nice and she loves teaching. I love the sessions, there are so interesting and funny. The material for study is easy and entertaining. I have to learned too much.

  1. By Nicki Lisa Cole, Ph.D.
    Updated August 02, 2019
    Culture is a term that refers to a large and diverse set of mostly intangible aspects of social life. According to sociologists, culture consists of the values, beliefs, systems of language, communication, and practices that people share in common and that can be used to define them as a collective. Culture also includes the material objects that are common to that group or society. Culture is distinct from social structure and economic aspects of society, but it is connected to them—both continuously informing them and being informed by them.
    Taken from ThoughtCo.

    Using this definition and other concepts you may have about this term, write down your own definition of CULTURE.

    Wait for your answers¡¡

    1. Culture are the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, covers language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts, it is a net that apply a particular community.

    2. For me Culture comprenhend all phisical, mental and social aspects we have in our context while growing that make us being who we are.

    3. Culture is the manifestation of the customs and traditions of a certain group of people. The constituent elements are: language, identity, religion, currency, and political thought.

  2. Hello Guys

    I want that you give me your opinion about this…..‘Covid Friday’ Shopping Frenzy Triggered by Colombia VAT Holiday. Do you agree on this Headline? Did you go out for shopping? If so, did you followed strictly all the protocols?

    1. I do not entirely agree; since, social networks and newspapers do not partially show reality. Lack of organization and better coverage of virtual platforms.
      I did not leave the house. I think shopping can be done better on digital platforms.

    1. I consider that the idea of the government about -“We need to reactivate and recover, but also show that we can maintain these protocols of hand-washing, distancing and the rigorous use of masks,” have a big fail consider Colombian idiosyncrasy, and like the mayor express “I hope that the day without VAT doesn’t become the day without life.” after a lot of people hunt for bargains like crazy.

    2. From my point of view, I think it was a goverment misguided decision for different reasons: first, stores raise prices of a lot of items, second: people aren´t aware of the delicate situation we´re going through and many of them go into the crowded stores to buy things they don´t need without following the biosecurity recomendations as the correct use of mask and distancing. For this reason, I strongly believe for the next day without 19% VAT, the goverment should rethink the strategy, for instance to restrict online shopping only and watch out closely the rising prices in stores.

    3. I think that was Covid Friday definitely.
      I did not go shopping, I am not agree with this because the people was too sloppy and crazy.
      I think it was just advertising because on normal days stores can give bigger discounts.
      Also, if the discount was wonderful, it wasn’t worth putting yourself at risk.
      For me there were two ideal situations: people could buy online or not buy.

      1. That´s rigth Julizeth , It was a Covid Friday; Our country was on the New York times cause they couldn´t belive why most of the Colombians went out to buy things.
        For me, many of the people who came out were irresponsible they hit the shops despite fears of infection at the same time they complain that they don’t have money and they buy in bulk. Contradictory :/

        I don´t go out for shopping, I go out because I want to ride my bike aroud the city I need a breath and take a sunbath and do follow strictly all the protocols : Wearing a mask, social distancing, no handshake, temperature checks, leaving my footwear outside, sanitise frecuently and others.

  3. Colombia is really rich about celebrations and festivals. There are more than 150 of them. Please describe one of them. ¡¡ Go ahead guys. You can do it.

    1. The Manizales Fair is one of the most important fairs and festivals that Colombia has, and that is celebrated the first month of the year, January. Events are Welcome Parade, Bullfighting Season, Craft Fair.

    2. Festival Vallenato is one of the most important musical festivals in Colombia. This festival highlights Vallenato Music, that is considered intangigle heritage of humanity.
      It’s celebrated every year in April in the city of Valledupar.
      The most important event during the celebration of this festival is the vallenato musical contest.
      The festival’s opening show is Desfile de Piloneras, is a traditional dance. Dancers parad on the streets using a giant wooden mortar and pestle, the men and women danced around the ‘corn smashing’ in a courteous and flirting way.

      1. It is really awesome to learn about the different traditions of a country. Have you ever been in one of this ¨Festival Vallenato¨. If so, please let us know about your experience.

  4. The Manizales Fair is one of the most important fairs and festivals that Colombia has, and that is celebrated the first month of the year, January. Events are Welcome Parade, Bullfighting Season, Craft Fair.

  5. The Barranquilla Carnival is the most folkloric festival in our country and the second in the world after the Rio de Janeiro carnival.the carnival al has many parades, parties orchestral festival comedies and letanies.
    In the carnival the people wear some variety of costumes. The carnival has traditions that date back more or less three century ago
    When Barranquilla was a small city the people started this festival, each day there are parades where the people dance sing an walk for the main avenues of the city.
    In the carnival are two comparsas: named comparsaso de tradición y comparsas de fantasía from ability and imagination of the people mind which create all what they want for the festival.
    The firsth prize for the orchestra winner is el Congo de oro, but the safest is when the Joselite dead all of his wives cried his death.

  6. What are the Benefits of Understanding Different Cultures?

    Today, the world is fast becoming a global village, with many countries enjoying a multicultural environment. Understanding different cultures is not only critical, but it also promotes ample coexistence. As we learn about diverse cultures, it is worth noting that all of us are individuals. Rather than generalizing, we should treat each other as individuals. This will go a long way in creating a better environment where we can all thrive.


    Culture is everything that describes a particular group of people. The group can be; a family, a religious group, or people from a different town, neighborhood, country, or city. It can also be people who share a similar ethnic background, life dynamics, or work culture. Many times, culture is used to describe the features that are exhibited through history, language, food, arts, geography, family values, and beliefs.

    One person can have diverse cultures such as; family culture, religious culture, age group culture, or work culture. When all these cultures are combined, they give each individual their personal culture. There are various ways that both children and adults can learn about different cultures. These include:

    Continue reading and be rady to participate in our next session¡¡¡


    1. I think the mainly benefit is to know the world through different cultures, We can expand our knowledge on economy, geography, religious beliefs,food, all these facts that affect the growth of people in each regions.

    2. The benefits of understanding different cultures are:
      * You get to understand the world better because you embrace and appreciate people that are different from you.
      * Minimize stereotypes cause be less likely to classify the people depending on stereotypes.
      * Helps prevent and overcome ethnic and racial divisions because if you are familiar with customs of differents cultures it’s possible not rejected
      * Enhances effective communication culture can influence speaking tendencies such as; figurative language, speed, and presentation. Also with the gestures that people use in order to communicate.
      * Creates opportunity to meet new people, and acquire knowledge of his culture.
      * Exposure to new experiences to approach a different culture
      Also the cultures are Interesting and it can stimulates the mind

    3. Culture is the way of doing things that a community or person acquires and is determined by its unique characteristics of time, space and tradition.
      The elements that are part of the culture are customs, rituals, beliefs, religion, morals, as well as, food, the arts, clothing, history, economy, among other things.
      As the individual grows, he surrounds himself with different cultures depending on the environments in which he participates and with these multiple examples when he reaches adulthood he manages to create his own culture.

    4. I´d like to share with you that the way to understand cultures it is travelling.
      – Gain an education
      – Improve as a person
      – Meet new people and make new friends

    5. To communicate better with people and recognize what others want to do and to be.
      To know other perspectives in terms of education, beliefs, environment, etc. and grow from there.
      To accept kindly the difference and diversity that makes us human beings.

  7. How you can define Culture and the elements which conform a Culture?
    Culture is the set of knowledge, knowledge, beliefs, rituals, practices, among other aspects that guide the actions of a group of people. It includes elements such as: science, ideals, symbols, art and humanity.

  8. Alba Victoria Lizarazo
    What is a culture
    It is a set which encloses the behavior of one region, state or country. These behaviors might be religious, beliefs, languages, etnical people, work, art , food, etc.
    Now days, people is realizing that is important to learn and understand more, many of the global cultures because it is a big help to the community expansion, also to give values to the persons who are different to you, have better relations with people from different races and for children make them the best human being

    1. We need to learn more about their relationship with nature, if we want to stop the effects of the destruction of the environment and leave a better place for our childrens

    2. The native groups of Colombia are part of our identity and culture. They adapt and respect natural resources, protect and conserve biological diversity at the same time nature and the environment are important factors for indigenous peoples.

  9. They have different ways of seeing life. We can learn from them. Most native groups take more care of nature than we do. It is important to know and respect them.

  10. Indigenous cultures in Colombia are important because they are part of our traditions. I like the kogui culture because they live are very spiritual and work for their people.

  11. The indingenous cultures are very important here in Colombia also I guess in the world, because they always take care for nature, they hunted and fished only which them need all nature resources around where they live has been guarded I think according what I saw when I was there.
    But they have a lot of needes, as who are in the desert of la Guagira where the govenrments should help them more

  12. Today I want to speak about festivals from Colombia and similar festivals from another Countries.
    Salsa festival in Colombia is quite similar than the Cuba salsa festival just the Cuban salsa has some few differences because de Cuban salsa the dancers need a little bit esparce in the floor. In this case the man feet go back and the same time the woman feet and the dancers seem to be relax.
    And the Colombian salsa begins dancing truoght the long path in straight line going and return for that they need more space for the dancers. Other similar festivals is joropo festival and polka Mexican festival the dancing is very similar

    1. For me, being multicultural is learning new words, music, food, recognizing ourselves as different and that diversity precisely enriches us, because we are the result of a mixture.

    2. In my opinion, multiculturalism is the experience of learn, understand, share and take part of the traditions and lifestyles of a culture different where I come from. It could be also considered as an exchange and occurs when people move from a place to another, among either cities, regions or countries. Depending on the differences between the origin and the new community, is possible accept faster some practices and take some time for others. The most important is to be respectful and tolerant. In fact, the knowing and sharing with different cultures makes people more tolerant in every way. In addition, I think that one of the main benefits of the multiculturalism, is that people can choose the best thing of every culture and thus achieve a better personal growth. I am Colombian and have lived nearly 4 years in Chile, and I have to admit that when I go from one place to another I miss many things about the other. Every place, no matter how small, has tremendous things to bring you.

  13. Me gustaría vivir en otro lugar diferente a mi ciudad de origen. Nacía en Siracusa, pero quiero vivir en España. Quiero vivir en España por un año porque quiero aprender español más. Me gusta Castilian español porque es muy lindo. También quiero vivir allí porque la ciudad, Madrid, es muy hermosa. Los edificiós son grandes y bonitos. Hay mucha historia y me gusta aprender la historias y tradiciónes de lugares diferentes. Un día quiero vivir en España.

  14. Christmas celebrations are coming soon., Which are they? Are you a fan of Christmas? If so What is that you like the most of this season? I expect many anwers as we belong to different settings.

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